You’ve seen nuf dance videos before…

…but you’ve never seen a dance video like this!

“HOW Fi DANCE Reggae” (pronounced “HOWFee DANCE Reggae”) is the Hottest Reggae Dance DVD in the World, bringing Reggae Dancing to the forefront.

“HOW Fi DANCE Reggae Volume 2”, the Instructional DVD and the Movie, has the hottest reggae dancing and footage from all over the globe.

THE MOVIE DVD from tv box android: Running time aprox: 4hrs

Produced By: Rick Aiken HOW Fi DANCE Reggae

  • Watch the most talented reggae dancers tear up the clubs and events. You’ll see action and dancing from Montreal Canada, Ontario Canada, Florida, Kingston Jamaica, Kellitz – Clarendon Jamaica, Montego Bay Jamaica, Bronx NY, Brooklyn NY and more…
  • Interviews with the some of biggest names in Dancehall dancing. We had Bogle on Volume 1. Get ready for interviews with Keiva, Sadiki, Ding Dong, Ice, Hand Carty (the true creator of the hand cart dance), Mad Michelle (2003 Dancehall Queen winner), Shelly Belly, Marvelous Marvin (HOW Fi DANCE Reggae’s first artist) and more. • Footage of all types of events, like: 2004 Bikini Bikers, which also had an oil wrestling contest, Pink Party in Montego Bay Jamaica with LiL Jon and East Side Boys (LiL Jon shows Jamaica how they party down south. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaa!!!), Jamaica Carnival, Hot Thursday, Guiness Party in Clarendon Jamaica, Spectrum strip club in Cross Hill Clarendon, Import Xpresions Auto show at the Jacobs Javits Center in New York where HOW Fi DANCE Reggae performs, and also Massive – B’s “Banky Hypes” Birthday Party in Newark New Jersey.
  • More Natty Paul. Natty Paul will keep us laughing with more crazy and interesting scenes.
  • Club footage of some of the hottest Dancehall spots: Kinston Jamaica’s Asylum Night Club, Wild Palm in Bronx NY, Velvet Lounge in Rivera Beach Florida, Dancehall Queen Bashment in Montreal Canada, Dancer take all party in Ontario Canada with the Platinum Body Girls (crazy dancing in this part), Temptations Night Club in Brooklyn.
  • Private HOW Fi DANCE Reggae fashion show with a few sexy models in Negril Jamaica. Provided by Designer Jewel Shannon.

• The Special Edition Movie DVD will have movie scenes from Volume 1 which were never scene before and also bonus movie footage from Volume 2.

THE INSTRUCTIONAL DVD: Running Time aprox 2hrs 40mins

Produced by: Rick Aiken HOW Fi DANCE Regae

Directed by: Jason Rose

Sponsored by: flashlight stores online

• Instructional Piece: We’ve selected the best dancehall dancers from the New York area to show you how to dance the latest reggae dances.  Also featured is Kiyo from Japan (3rd winner in 2004 Jamaica Dance Hall Queen) and MoMo from Canada (2nd place winner in 2004 Jamaica Dancehall Queen)

  • Shout-Outs: Celebrity shout-outs from Bounty Killa, Ms. Ting, Yellow Man, Shaggy, Iashanty, Shaba Ranks, Foxy Brown, Cortney Melody, Cutty Ranks, Singer J, Vibes Cartell, Dancers: Bogle, Sadiki, Keiva, Ice, Shelly Belly and more.
  • Cutaways: See cutaways of the dances being done by dancers from all over.  This will show you how the dances look when performed in the clubs or at parties.

The “HOW Fi DANCE Reggae” Volume 1 DVD has several parts to the video, such as:

  • Instructional Piece: Professional dancers show you how to dance the latest reggae dances
    • Short movie: Watch our reggae dancers star in this short movie
    • Exclusive footage from Jamaica of the newest Reggae dances
    • Footage of the “HOW Fi DANCE Reggae” dance team in action
    • Interview with the godfather of reggae dancing “Boggle”. You’ve heard of the “Boggle Dance”. Now see the man himself, Boggle!
    • Footage from the 2003 Fully Loaded in Negril, Jamaica
    • Footage from the 2003 Dance Hall Queen competition in Mobay, Jamaica. This action is STEAMY!!
    • Introduction of “Natty Paul”, the “HOW Fi DANCE Reggae” tour guide

The instructional piece will highlight the most popular reggae dances in the United States. “HOW Fi DANCE Reggae” will be distributed nationally and internationally, targeting all genres ages 18 and over.

With Reggae being on the rise, it is important for individuals to keep up with new trends in dancing. “HOW Fi DANCE Reggae” will give people the opportunity to learn the new dances and have fun while learning.
This DVD features professional dancers, several of whom have been on many music videos including Sean Paul, Lil’ Kim, Wayne wonder, etc. “HOW Fi DANCE Reggae” Volume 1 includes footage of the 2002 & 2003 “Dance Hall Queen” competition, 2003 “Fully Loaded” concert, and additional dance routines by talented Jamaican dancers from Kingston & Clarendon. The DVD on best 4k android tv box has an instructional section showing step by step movement for new reggae dances. Some of the dances on “HOW Fi DANCE Reggae” Volume 1 include, “Pon Di Riva Pon Di Banc“, “Rockaway (the real rockaway!)“, “Row Like a Boat“, Matrix, Ponytale, Blahzay, Harndcart, Shelly Belly, SpongeBob and many other new dances.
The DVD can be ordered at the “HOW Fi DANCE Reggae” Reggae-Store for just $16.99 (plus shipping and handling).

Dancers, if you are interested in dancing for “HOW Fi DANCE Reggae”, please send an email to:info@dielagoonalternative.com

Contact Us: info@dielagoonalternative.com

Mailng address:

HOW Fi DANCE Reggae PO Box 853

Union City, NJ  07087
• The Special Edition Instructional DVD will have dance scenes of Volume 1 that were never scene before and bonus dance scenes of Volume 2.• Newest dances (Over 30 Dances!!!): Jiggy, Crazy Hype, Christian Dip, Summa Bounce, Shankle Dip, Scooby Doo, Chaka Chaka, Over the wall, Kangaroo, Mad run, Sesame Street and more.