About Us

HOW Fi DANCE Reggae was started on July 1st, 2003. Rick Aiken (the creator of the DVD) and Reisha Roopchand (co-creator of the DVD) had an idea to capture the latest reggae dance moves on DVD, where individuals can watch and practice these dance moves in the comfort of their own homes by best internet tv box.

Rick Aiken met up with Hezuse R’, a young entrepreneur videographer in Manhattan New York, to discuss his ideas about the DVD. After their discussion, plans for the DVD were made and production would begin two weeks later in Jamaica. During the weeks leading up to Jamaica HOW Fi DANCE Reggae auditioned over seventy dancers. Ultimately choosing ten of the seventy for the HOW Fi DANCE Reggae Volume 1 DVD.

Hezuse R’, Rick Aiken and good friend Arion McDonald left for Jamaica to start on the filming of the movie part to the DVD. We stayed with Arion’s family in Courville Gardens, Kingston. Rick was introduced to Natty Paul, Arion’s brother. Natty, is well known singer with Turbulence and the Higher Trod Family. We traveled all over the island. Filming many different events and people to eventually put together a diversified collage of reggae dance styles on one DVD.

In one week we traveled to Montegobay, Negril, Kellitz, Kingston, Saint Andrews and more. All to capture the many styles of reggae dancing on the island. One of our most special moments was the interview with Ms. Thing, who was staying just one block from where we resided in Kingston. We interviewed with Ms. Thing and Jay just before their songs with Beenie Man, Dude & Dick, became a number 1 hit.

After returning to New York we filmed at two clubs in Brooklyn, Temptations and Caribbean City. And also captured a few carnival festivities in Long Island, Brooklyn and Miami. To bring more spice to our video, we partnered up with Jason Rose from JROSE Digital Media. Jason and Rick worked together to film the instructional part of the DVD and also to edit the footage for the DVD. After running into several minor technical problems HOW Fi DANCE Reggae Volume 1 was born.

    CREATOR/CEO Rick Aiken

Rick Aiken, former Maybach Liaison at Mercedes-Benz, USA

I was born in Maypen, Jamaica and came to the USA at the age of seven. I’ve always been close to my Jamaican culture but grew distant from it because of my corporate work schedule on android stream tv box canada. I did not have a chance to keep up with the newest reggae dance moves so I decided to take a trip to Brooklyn to see if I could find a video that highlighted the dances, this way I could learn on my own time. I found a street vendor who said he had the perfect video for me. I brought the video home and watched it. The video showed a wedding party in England, where people were eating cake and wining up, not to mention the camera was all over the place.  Not a good way to learn the dances.  After doing some more research and talking to a few people I decided to do the video… The rest is history.HOW Fi DANCE Reggae tm.

Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this possible.Dancers: Lynx, Phenom, Kasheed, Phelicia, Lema, Neemah, Maronie, Samantha,Kameisha, Keven, Bingy, Blingers crew and Sky Crew (Jamaica).Our customers and supporters, the Press and Media, Club owners and Event Promoters, Our Family & Friends

.Mom and Dad.


Co-Creator/VP Reisha Roopchand

Reisha Roopchand was born in San Fernando, Trinidad.  She moved to New York at the age of twelve.  Reisha always had the drive to succeed.  She excelled academically throughout her school career.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Ramapo College in New Jersey.  But, this wasn’t enough.  While working full time at BMW of North America she completed an MBA in Marketing at Saint Thomas Aquinas College in New York.  She accomplished this in less than two and a half years.

Reisha has always stayed true to her Caribbean roots, this is why she has a great love for HOW Fi DANCE Reggae.  She loves being able to work on a product or event that directly relates to her Caribbean culture.  With more than five years of corporate experience in sales and marketing she is a great resource to HOW Fi DANCE Reggae.  She is keen in her decision making, creativity and her networking abilities.  As a young Caribbean businesswoman and with her partnership with Rick Aiken, she is confident that HOW Fi DANCE Reggae will become successful in bringing the Caribbean culture to people around the world.

HOW Fi DANCE Reggae is just over one year old and is already know world wide. Our goal is to reach individuals who have desires of experiencing Caribbean culture, but do not see the way from best live tv box sets.