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Mr. Wacky “OUT & BAD” DVD on sAle now at

Temptations NIGHTCLUB has a new look!

problems at the rock night club in Brooklyn, Ny

Dancers boisey, keiva & cosmic dancers are tearing up New York

upcoming events

Mr. Wacky “Out & Bad” DVD on sale now at internet tv box

The Mr. Wacky DVD is here, and it’s hot.  The video shows you footage of Bogle’s nine-night party, the funeral, interviews with family and friends, interviews with Keiva, ICE, Boisey, Sadiki, Mad Michell, Hand Cart, and more.  Also included on the DVD is the Weddy-Weddy Wednesday dance were Bogle was the night of his murder.  We spent time with Bogle’s family, bringing footage that you will not find anywhere else.  See Bogle’s room where his trophies are, the last shoes he wore, pictures dear to him, and his Sesame Street outfit.  We went to the gravesite, with the family, two days after the funeral and filmed the remorse and anger.  Proceeds from the sale of each DVD will go to Bogle’s family in Jamaica.  Bogle, we will all miss you very much..

See pictures of the funeral at

Temptations Night Club has a new Look!

Temptations nightclub, in Brooklyn, has done some modifications to the exterior and interior of the club.  The club is a lot more elegant and truly fit for the V.I.P. crowd.  Those of you who are not familiar with Temptations, Temptations NightClub has been know to pull the finest crowd.  From the sexy and elegant women, to the fine upscale men.  Temptations is also know for it’s dancing environment.  The best dancers in New York go to Temptations to let loose.  Now every Friday night, Temptations hold Jiggy Fridays for the Brooklyn crowd.  Jiggy Fridays is also held in Queens and in the Bronx.  Log onto for more information.

Problems at the Rock Night Club in Brooklyn, NY

The “Ocean’s Twelve” Party at the Rock NightClub was hype, but the “Rock Night Club” in Brooklyn gets two thumbs down . Security had people waiting on line, UNNECESSARILLY, for over an hour. Our camera crew was outside trying to get in for over 1 hour. When the security and doormen did let some people in, it was mostly females, while our cameras were still outside the club patiently waiting to get to work. Some clubs just don’t have it together. A few people on the line got fed up and left, which means the promoter of the party lost money because of the unorganized door activity. Anyway, we want to big up all the dancers that came through. As for the Rock, it’s on our “Do Not Attend” list.

Dancers Boisey, Keiva and Cosmic Dancers are Tearing up New York

Bogle’s right hand dancer Boisey and legendary dancer Keiva & Cosmic are in New York for a few months.  Boisey has been blazing up the clubs in New York during Massive B’s parties.  People that have seen him dance are saying, “I never know anyone can dance like that”.  The whole club has to stop when Boisey hits the dance floor.  Keiva, and her dancers “Cosmic Dancers”, attended a few of the New York clubs over the past few weeks.  With How Fi Dance Reggae filming, Keiva and her dancers amazed the crowd with routines and moves never seen before.  We hit Temptations NightClub one night at about 5am in the morning.  The club was just starting to die, and then Keiva and Cosmic hit the stage.  The place went crazy.  Boisie, Keiva and Cosmic, New York gives you much love.

Mr. Wacky R.I.P

Upcoming HOW Fi DANCE Reggae Events

  • Friday, April 15th– Dogg Father Entertainment presents “Dancing Time Part 2” at the Base NightClub.  Featuring the Dance-Off of “Dream Team” vs. “Suspence Crew” vs. “Members Only” vs. “Front Line”.  Admission is $20 in advanced, limited number of tickets are available.  The last “Dancing Time” was sold out!!  Tickets can be purchased by calling 718-467-6050, 347-623-2047 or  How Fi Dance Reggae will be filming the event and meeting new dancers during the early part of the night.  Dancers interested in entering the Dance Off can email, registration is free.  Don’t miss this one!!