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Bogle Shot & Killed!! updated february 12th, 2005
Bogle, otherwise known as Mr. Wakky, was shot and killed on January 20th, 2005. This happened around 3am this morning in Kingston Jamaica on Constant Spring Rd. The incident happened after Bogle had attended the weekly “Weddy-Weddy Wednesday” Dance event. Bogle had brought two fowls (chickens), one dread fowl, to the dance to use to mock the dancer John Hype and the singer Beenie-Man. Allegedly, feud broke out and Bogle spat in John Hypes face and also spat in Beenie-man’s brother’s face. Bogle then fled in his truck and pulled into a gas station on Constat Spring road. At the gas station gun men allegedly pulled up in two F4 pick-ups and started firing. Five persons, one female, was shot and Bogle was allegedly hit in the neck. Bogle’s friends put him in the back of his truck and tried to get him to the hospital, but to no avail. The morning of Bogle’s death, dancer John Hype’s home was burned down in retaliation. HOW Fi DANCE Reggae has spoken with Keiva (close dancing partner of Bogle), and Keiva states she is extremely saddened by this and gives her condolence. After interviewing some of the Jamaica dancers, the consensus is that their is fear in the dancehall world. Dancers are scared to go out to dances because of the anger and death threats going on in Jamaica due to Bogle’s murder.

Dogg Father Entertainment & HOW Fi DANCE Reggae kept a tribute to Bogle Dance at Club Temptations on Friday February 4th. A portion of the proceeds was given to Mr. Bogle’s family during the funeral processions on Sunday February 6th. The funeral was held in Doecot Cemetery on February 6th (also Bob Marley Day). The funeral was said to be the largest funeral in Jamaica history. Though threatened by death threats, Beanie-Man & John Hype are both very saddened by the death. Before Bogle’s death, John Hype and Bogle came out with several songs against each other. No connections have been made to who may have murdered Bogle, the investigation is still pending. Keep checking in with HOW Fi DANCE Reggae for more information and keep dancing in peace.


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Latesha Brown, 2004 Dance Hall Queen


July 31, 2004 at Pier One, Montego Bay Jamaica. Out of 27 female contestants, Latesha Brown from Portmore Jamaica is the new Dance Hall Queen. Just eighteen years old, Latesha is the eighth female dancer to be crowned “International Dance Hall Queen.

Contestant participating in the competition came from New York, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, Sweden, Japan, Canada, Belize and Trinidad. Each contestant was given a 40-second time frame to show their dancing skills.

Latesha won big points with the crowd after she was asked, “If you could put all the good qualities into one man, which man would that be?”.  Her replied “Jesus”.

Latesha won the Dance Hall Queen Trophy, a brightest flashlight for cheap and $100,000 in Jamaican currency. Second place went to Momo Onida of Canada, who carried home $50,000 JA and a trophy.  Japanese Kiyo Akiba won the third spot, a trophy and $30,000 JA.

Ayanna Armsby from Baltimore MD, also New York DanceHall Queen winner, won the best-dressed trophy.

Letesha states that she was told that she would have to dance “X-rated like” if she wanted to win. She disproved this by out dancing the competition and winning the crowd.  Latesha commented after being crowned; “It’s really a wonderful feeling, I did not have to go on the ground or my head because I wanted my mother to watch the video”.

“Di part one help mi a lot fi learn and mash up di place at dancehall queen contests..  BIG UP !” DanceHall Queen MoMo